8st again :) Finally.

After a week of binging, and then two weeks of restricting I am finally back down to 8st! I changing the way I restrict, insteading of having set limits for each day (which, looking back were kind of high), I just eat as little as possible. On school days I skip breakfast + lunch and only have dinner and whatever else is forced down me, then at the weekends I have a small breakfast + lunch then whatever parents make for dinner. On average I'd say I'm having about 900 cals a day. I've noticed I feel sooo tired though, I keep forgetting stuff. It's probably cuz I was eating like 2500 cals a day in my binge week.

Anyway, I've reviewed my last plan and here are (yet again) my new goals:

110lb - 11th march
108lb- 18th march
105lb - 10th April
100lb - ??
95 - ??

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