Sunday Post :) 114lb

Back down to 114lb (8st 2lb). It's hardly a huge achievement, but I'm getting there slowly which hopefully means it'll be easier to maintain when I reach my goal weight.

I've been eating arount 1200 kcal each day and just started running about 5 times each week. I'm gradually increasing the speed/distance of my jogs so hopefully by next month I'll be able to burn quite a lot of calories.

I've noticed that I'm bigger than when I was at this weight last time (I think?). At my smallest I had a 25.5" waist and 35.5" hips and I was around 7st 12lb (110lb), atm I've got a 26.5" waist and 37.5" hips. On the bright side, I've been doing a lot of ab exercises so my stomach is reasonably flat.

I've been trying to keep up with all your blogs :) Good luck all of you x

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