29th December. 11:55

Okayy, So I was going to get my starting weight for next year on Friday, but (sorry if this is TMI) now I have my period, so I wont weigh myself until that stops, which might be by friday but I doubt it.

So anyway, so far I haven't eaten anything, but I'm sure I will later. I know that I eat WAY more than most people on here, but it's not because I binge, it's because my mother makes me eat a lot. She gets so suspicious. Also, I don't know why but I get really hungry right before I go to bed, so I end up not being able to get to sleep until like 2.00 AM which is bad, because then I dont get up till 10:30, and next week I'll need to get up at 6:30 every weekday, so I thought If I eat some kind of fruit just before I go to sleep that might help, but fruit doesn't fill you up soo.. I think I'll just have to make myself get up at 9.00 at the latest so that I am so tired I end up just sleeping anyway. Lol, I bet that really bored you. My sleeping habits are such an interesting topic.

Another, bore you to death topic is that I'm going to save up for my own laptop so that I can be on more (how much more could I Be on, seriously?), but mainly so that it is faster (the one I want has like 2x as much RAM as this does) and I don't have to worry about anyone finding my files/blog/what websites I've been on. The laptop I want is about £350, I currently have about £200-250ish I'm not sure I'll count it in a minute. So maybe for my birthday I'll either have saved it up or my parents will give me some money to put towards it as my present.

If anyone wants an email buddy let me know =D Byee, this probably won't be my last post of the day.

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2 Response to "29th December. 11:55"

  1. Jessica in Hiding says:
    29 December 2009 at 07:05

    I can relate! I always get hungry late at night before I go to bed, and then I can't sleep until like 2am because I won't let myself eat anything... it really sucks :( As part of my 2010 regime I'm going to try and start going to bed earlier to avoid late night cravings and then get up earlier to exercise.

    Also, I love the way you have non-food rewards for yourself when you achieve a goal weight.. that's an awesome idea, well done! Good luck, stay strong xx

  2. zettte says:
    29 December 2009 at 08:14

    i hear you, my stomach usually hurts when i go to bed so i take half a dose of something PM like tylenol or nyquil so i can get up earlier&that usually works.

    i was saving up for a laptop too, but now my mother is making me pay for lots of things on my own. boo.

    anyhow, email me anytime, i'm super lonely these days.

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