//Bad day...

I was doing so well. I must have eaten around 1500-1750 calories today. Hopefully I won't have gained weight, I'm not weighing myself until friday morning though. I suppose it could've been worse, I managed to turn down quite a lot of food, but still I ate twice as much today as I did yesterday :(

I'm going to fast tomorrow hopefully, I'll pretend to be 'feeling sick' if anyone notices. This will be my first fast, apart from when I actually was sick. I'll still drink water and possibly a can of diet coke or coke zero, but apart from that nothing.

It would be a miracle if on friday the scale said 7st something, even if it was 7st 13.5lb, I haven't seen the scale say 7st anything in about a year. Worst case scenario I think would be 8st 5lb (117lb), but I'm pretty sure it will be lower than that. edit:// actually I think I will try and fast until I reach 7st 13.5, but that might not be possible, or maybe I'll just try and keep my NET calories under +500

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