I could wear it if I was skinny...

Okay, now its the 2nd post of the day, a little bit of Motivation/thinspiration:
Ever go shopping and find something you love, but then think - wait I'm too fat to wear this?

Clothes I could wear if I was skinny:

And that would be my reward for reaching my goal, a new Size 8 outfit to wear on my birthday!

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2 Response to "I could wear it if I was skinny..."

  1. PrettyWreck says:
    27 December 2009 at 05:05

    I like the jeans on the bottom, but I've seen them too often on skanky whores XD I think I'd feel like I would catch and STD by association LOL!

    I feel that way about knee highs, over the knees, and thigh highs. Even arm warmers. I'd love to wear short sleeves and arm warmers, but i have to wear elbow length things and arm warmers, because then my upper arms look too fat if I don't.
    I'd also like to wear skirts without the backs of my knees looking hideous. Or even a lot of underwear and lingerie things. Gah. And some dresses! Short dresses. With heels. That don't make my calves look hideous....

    ♥ Mostly socks for me though, because I LOVE knee highs. I dream of one day being able to wear them without feeling so disgusting....

  2. punkyfyed says:
    27 December 2009 at 05:37

    OMG yeah I *love* stripey knee high socks!

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