I'm Back!

Its been like a month since my last post!
I'm not really sure about my current weight, it said 8st5 but I haven't eaten anything since thursday night so as soon as I do it will shoot up. I'm going to try to properly start my diet again
on 1st January but I'm going to try to be about 8st 8 (120lbs) when I start.

My Stats/Goals:

Current Goals
Weight: 118lbs Weight: 105lbs
BMI: 20.9 BMI: 18.5
Size: UK 10/US 6 Size: UK 8/ US 4
Hips: 38 inches Hips 35 inches
Waist: 27 inches Waist: 25 inches

How am I going to do that?

I want to lose 15lbs by of april (hopefully before then but my goal would be to maintain it until then). If I start on the 1st of January that would give me 12 weeks. So I would need to lose 1.25 pounds each week. I expect for the first couple of weeks it will be more like 2 lbs, but that way I wont get put off if I only lose 1lb a week.

Weeks 1-3:(Start 120lbs, end of week 3 115lbs)
Limit of 1200 calories per day, go for at least 3 runs per week, burning at least 200 calories

Weeks 4-6: (start 115lbs, end of week 6 111lbs)
Limit of 1100 calories per day, go for at least 4 runs per week, burning at least 200 calories

Weeks 7-9: (Start 111lbs, end of week 9 108lbs)
Limit of 900 calories, run at least 3 times per week burning 250 cals.

Weeks 9-12: (Start 108, end 105)
Limit of 800 calories, run at least 4 times per week burning at least 250 cals

So 12 weeks from january would take me to the 1st of april =D I'll put these goals up in the sidebar, and also I'll put my 'rewards' next to them =D

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, this is my 2nd attempt and I wont mess it up!

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