Day 13 ~ Weigh-In.

So today is saturday, AKA, weigh in day. My goal for today was to be 8st 2, I've been hovering between 8st 1 and 8st 3.5 for the past week. So this morning the lowest was 8st 1 (113lbs) and the highest was 8st 3 (115lbs). So the middle of that would be 114lbs, my goal. I'm going to say that I achieved it, as although the scale has been saying 8st 3 every day, it has also been saying 8st 1. Oh and also because I feel much fitter when I run AND my hip bones are starting to stick out.

So, here are my stats:

Weight: 114 lbs (8st 2)
BMI: 20.2
Waist: 26.5 inches.
Hips: 37 inches

Total lost so far: 5lbs =D
Next goal: 112lbs (-2lb) in a week, weigh in next weekend.

So far today I haven't eaten anything, but I have done 40 jacknifes, a short sprint, some lunges, some yoga, a 20 min run and a 10 min jog. In total I have burnt about 250 cals =D

Also I was thinking it would be cool to set up a blog to post resources like thinspiration, calories in things, links weight loss calculators and stuff like that, and maybe put all our stats on. I could set up a blog and add team members, so people could just post in it when they want, so is anyone up for that?

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