Day 6 ~ Continued

Just some more thoughts for today ~

I've seen some people grading how they do each day and I thought it might be fun or maybe even helpful for me, so here's my marking scheme:

(numbers= calories eaten-minus-calories burnt)

A* - 0-300
A - 300-500
B - 500-800
C - 800-1100
F - 1100+

Food for today (so far):
Breakfast - nothing
lunch - cup a soup (100cal.)
Dinner - pasta filled with ham (550?

Total = 650 cal.
That gives me a B for today =D

I was going to have a slice of bread with my soup, it would look suspicious if I didn't, but I was left alone in the kitchen so I gave the bread to my dog =D

I looked through my Wii fit record thing, and I just found out I'm at the lowest weight I've been for a year!

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