Day 9 ~

I have just under 2 weeks to lose 3/4lbs, I think that will be possible!

Food Eaten:

Weetabix - 70 cal
orange - 60 cal
Crispy slice - 165 cal
Beef curry - 550 cal

Total: 845 calories
Exercise total - 120 cals.
Overall calories - 765 cal

Not much else to say really, I think I am at 8st 3, but I'll wait until tomorrow to cross it off Incase I'm wrong =D

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1 Response to "Day 9 ~"

  1. Twigs Can Fly says:
    24 November 2009 at 13:24

    Hi dear, thanks for following my blog :)
    Been reading yours and I'm a US6 too, but I'm about a stone heavier I think. 131lbs :)
    You're doing pretty well, I'm quite impressed! The only thing I'd say is to try and make sure you're having your bulkier meals as early as possible, it really helps with shifting the extra lbs :)

    Remember, twigs can fly!

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