Day 6 ~ Goal Day.

Hi, I guess my posts probably bore you to death, but here are some stats for my 11 lovely followers =D

So I decided to make saturdays the day where I measure my actual weight and stuff, and this is the day I wanted to reach my first goal which was to be 116lbs by 21/11/2009.

So here are my stats for this week:

Starting stats:
Weight: 119lbs/ 8st 7lb
BMI: 21.1

Current stats:
Weight: 116lbs/ 8st 4lb
BMI: 20.5

Weight: 3lbs
BMI : 0.6
Left to overall goal: 11lbs
Left to next goal: 2lbs

I DID IT!!! I actually achieved my first goal, in 6 days I lost 3lbs. I managed to achieve my goal even with a few slip ups. This motivates me to keep going until I reach my goals!

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2 Response to "Day 6 ~ Goal Day."

  1. PollyDolly says:
    21 November 2009 at 21:05

    i like the idea of setting a weigh-in day! I'm totally stealing that idea :)


  2. punkyfyed says:
    22 November 2009 at 10:03

    Lol, a lot of people do It, I agree that its a good Idea =D

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