Todays food: (Christmas Leftovers, lol.)

Weetabix 70 cals.

Two slices of turkey 200 cals (ish)

Two slices of Ham 200 cals (ish)

Mashed Potato 200 cals

Total so far: 670.

If I lived alone I would find it so easy to not eat things. I only eat what my mum makes me, which is usually quite a lot. If I try not to eat all of something, I'm not allowed. If I lived on my own it would be so easy to limit myself to at most 800 cals a day. But no, while I'm at home all day the minimum possible is like 1200! It'll be easier when I go back to school, 60 for breakfast, 150-250 for lunch, and then forced to eat about 400-800 cals for dinner.

I'm gonna try to either be asleep, or just pretend to be when we have dinner, so hopefully the total will stay low.

Until January the 1st I'm just going to try to eat normally (normal as in healthy) and then on Jan. 1st start my diet.

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