The Before Photo.... eww.

This is me at:

8st 6lbs
Size UK10/US6
December 09
This will be my before photo, I will post more photos every 2-4 weeks, and then my final after photo on the 1st april or whenever I reach my goal (105lbs, so hopefully before april). In the after photo I will be a stone lighter (14lbs). My hip bones will stick out. I will not have double knees, my hips will be 3 inches smaller and so will my waist. Overall, my worst part is my hips. My waist isn't that bad, it isn't fat but it's not thin either.
I'm starting my new diet on January 1st, ending on 1st april (12 weeks). I thought that when I got home I would have gained a stone(making me 9st 2), but actually I only gained 4-6lbs (118-120lbs).
PS. does anyone know how to get rid of those button things below the post?

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2 Response to "The Before Photo.... eww."

  1. PrettyWreck says:
    27 December 2009 at 05:07

    No idea o.o I think yours is the first I've seen those buttons on.

    I like your lower legs a lot, and you've got a wonderful curve at your waist. I think you're going to look amazing!

  2. punkyfyed says:
    27 December 2009 at 05:35

    Aww thanks so much =D Yeah, I think the only places I really, really hate are my hips & arms =D

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