Day #11

I found my tape measure! I thought I'd lost it but then it just 'appeared' in my room the other day. My latest measurements are Waist - 26.5" Hips - 36". I managed to fast until I got home from school, but then I kind of failed. Well I suppose it wasn't really that bad, but here's what I ate:

3 Rich tea biscuits - 120 cal
Mums cooking - 400 cal
Apple pie & custard - 400 cal

Total - 920 cal
So, only a bit above my limit.

Tomorrow is a sleepover, which means MILLIONS of calories. I'll try not to eat much, but I probably won't be able to resist. I'll try and burn 500 cals tomorrow morning (I'll have to do it in 2 sessions), but If I don't manage it I'll do at least 250.

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2 Response to "Day #11"

  1. PrettyWreck says:
    11 February 2010 at 21:13

    26 is a pretty number around the waist. I forget what the measurements are for a size 0. Something like 25 or whatever? But that depends on where you wear your pants. I like mine more under my bellybutton. Still a bit to go for me!

    Good luck at the sleepover.

  2. Imperfections says:
    11 February 2010 at 22:43

    Good luck with the sleepover! I know exactly how you feel - I'm always forced to eat a tonne when I'm around my friends! And if not, we're always drinking. So not great, but I'm sure you'll be able to control yourself pretty well!
    Stay strong :) x

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