Day #7 ---

Went to the movies, I surprised myself by not eating or drinking anything during the film, I bought some mints but didn't eat any of them. Ended up only eating half the amount of sweets I said I would yesterday, so that was good. Did my 200cal of exercise this morning.

Food intake:
Weetabix and a banana - 200cal
Sandwich - 400cal
Soup- 220cal

Yoghurt - 95cal
Biscuit + midget gems - 135cal

Total - 1050
Limit - 1100

I'm thinking I'm going to need to change my plan for the next two weeks as there is no school the week after next because its half term, also there is an inset day on friday. Not going to school makes it impossible to not be forced to eat lunch, which means I will not be able to go below 1000 cals at the lowest. Also, I'm having a sleepover, which they might as well call an eat-over. This means at least 1500 cals. So If I want to keep an average of 1100 cals per day for the six weeks of my plan I'll have to change it around a bit, here's my new plan:

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1 Response to "Day #7 ---"

  1. embre says:
    7 February 2010 at 20:36

    looks like a really good plan.im sure you'll do absolutely fantastic!
    stay strong
    p.s. great job on not eating at the movies, i usually end up eating like 300 cals worth of candy lol

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