Day #8 --

I can honestly say that I could have easily fallen asleep in school today, didn't really do any proper work, every lesson we just kind of sat there. Went a little over my limit, but not much. On the bright side, my 28 skinny jeans are too big now(well, they fit OK on the legs, but there is about an inch loose around my waist)! I think that 26 probably still wouldn't fit me, but I'm close! I bought a size 8 (US 4) t-shirt the other day; it fits me quite well but it is from new look which means that it is closer to a size 10 in every other shop. I can feel my school trousers are losser on my legs and my collar bones stick out more than they used to, but my hips/thighs and my upper arms are still FAT.

Breakfast - Weetabix + banana - 150
Lunch - Jelly - 150
Dinner - Beef Curry - 600
Total - 900
Limit - 900

Okay so maybe I didn't go over my limit :)

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1 Response to "Day #8 --"

  1. embre says:
    8 February 2010 at 13:43

    wow, isnt it exciting to finally see results in your clothes?! your going to be in a 26 in no time. great job on not going over.
    stay strong

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