Day #5 --- So far, so good.

Today went fine. Major argument with my 'friend' who I hate, its so funny :) So anyway, I've done my 200 kcal on the dance mat, so that's good for today. I'm thinking of swapping tomorrow with the 1400cal day this week as I have cake that I cant avoid (lol. it's my mums birthday). So I figured that if I eat 100 for breakfast and 100 for lunch it should be fine =D So here's todays intake:

Breakfast - Weetabix (200 cal)
Lunch - fruit jelly (90cal)
Tea - Jacket potato w/ beans + ham (600)

Total - 890
Todays limit - 900

So, I passed today as well :)

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1 Response to "Day #5 --- So far, so good."

  1. embre says:
    2 February 2010 at 20:57

    congrats on staying below your limit! birthdays are so hard to work into our type of eating but im sure you'll do great, and have fun of course :)
    stay strong

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