Day #8 -- Weigh In.

My Week #1 weigh in was this morning, I've put it as 112lb (8st). However, this morning & when I got home from school (after eating lunch) I was 110lb (7st 12), I checked on a different scale just to make sure and those were correct, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow or sunday to check that i'm still there. lol.

Todays Food:
Breakfast - 25g Shreddies, no milk - 100 cal
Lunch - Jelly Babies, Sandwiches & jelly - 500 cal
Planned dinner - Ham & Tomato omelette (no cheese) - I'm guessing maybe 400? Definitely no more than 500, if anyone has an Idea please leave a comment :)

No exercise today, well apart from walking briskly round school for 1/2 hour. My plan is to exercise at least 200 cals 5 times a week.

Good luck everyone :)

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