Food Will Not Control Me

In my last post I talked about getting out of dinner? Well I didn't manage to get out of it, but as soon as I was on my own I through it all in the bin and just ate the salad.

Todays intake:
1 weetabix - 100 cal
Lemon cake - 300 cal
Beans on toast - 400
Midget Gems - 240 cal
Total - 1040
Limit - 1100

Kept under my limit, so today was successful, I haven't actually eaten the midget gems yet, but I probably will. That kind of defeats my 'food will not control me' but oh well :)

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1 Response to "Food Will Not Control Me"

  1. Phantasmagorical Delusion says:
    7 February 2010 at 08:33

    You came in under your limit so no, food did NOT control you today!! :D Congrats! <3

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