No of binge-free days: 9

This is usually the week where I give up, not this time. My mum thinks 'I need to eat more', so I'm sure she'll try and sabotage my plans, but that won't stop me. I will be thin, I will be a size 6/8 (US 2-4). Next week will test me, 10 consecutive days with no school, my mother constantly trying to feed me things that I do not want or need. I will exercise EVERYDAY, burning at least 200 cals. I will be skinny.

Todays food:
Weetabix + Yoghurt - 200 cal
Mango + 1/4 of a sandwich - 100 cal
Tomato Spaghetti - 600
Total - 900

Good, I didn't go over my limit today, let's see if tomorrow works as well. I was just wondering, does not having breakfast actually affect weight loss, or just make you want to eat more? Just wondering as that's the easiest meal for me to avoid when I'm not at school.

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2 Response to "No of binge-free days: 9"

  1. embre says:
    9 February 2010 at 12:58

    i honestly hate eating breakfast because it usually results in me eating more throughout the day because i have that feeling of food in me. i know its better for keeping your metabolism up and everything but once food passes my lips then i expect to get hungry sooner and more often which is why i try to not eat till around 2 pm(and try to stop eating by 6pm). its really whatever works for you though, if you feel less hungry throughout the day after eating breakfast then i say keep it up :)
    stay strong

  2. shadows says:
    11 February 2010 at 18:04

    Eating breakfast is actually one of the ways to loose weight. When you sleep your metabolism goes low and ur stomach is fasting. If you wake and you don't eat your body has been fasting for hours and it will go in starvation mode. Now when you eat later the food that you eat will be considered as fat to your body because fat is the best source during starvation. So even if you eat an apple your body will consider it fat. I recommend eating breakfast make it a good healthy meal, with eggs it's only 70 cal for an egg and it gives you lot of protein. For me, I always choose hours to eat. If I have breakfast I control myself to a certain hour until I am allowed to eat. Try it maybe it will help. Remember, always drink water your body does need it a lot. Also focus on getting protein: chicken, protein shakes, fish, nuts, peanut butter. I recommend just maybe cutting a bit of chocolate and cookies and replace it with protein for your muscles.
    Let me know if you have any other question. Stay Strong

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