Day #1

Happy New Year!!!!

So I managed to fast yesterday, I didn't even drink anything. I haven't broken it yet, but I know I won't get away with fasting again so I'm just going to try and only eat 600ish calories.

I went on the Wii fit this morning, I am down 2lbs since tuesday! I currently weigh 8st 1lb!!(113lbs) This is my lowest weight since December 2008! I have 8 pounds to lose, which is less than I thought I would. I originally thought I would be at least 8st 5(117), probably more like 8st 8(120), but I managed to lose 3lbs this week. My current goal is to be 105lbs by March 20th. I don't think I will need that long, but that just means that if I fail one week I wont give up because I'll have time to sort it out.

I'm going to break my fast with some weetabix, then some fruit for lunch and finally whatever my mum makes for dinner (I'll try and get something low-cal.)

Today is a 1000 cal. day, so I should be able to keep under that easy enough.

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2 Response to "Day #1"

  1. embre says:
    1 January 2010 at 21:59

    GOOD JOB!!!! im so freakin jealous of you right now lol. and my goal is to be about 105 by my birthday on march 29. so our goals arnt too far off. you definitely wont need that extra time though, you'll be 105 in no time.
    stay strong

  2. thinspoxgirl says:
    2 January 2010 at 06:55

    I, too, am totally jealous!! :)
    Great going! You're an inspiration!! x

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