I <3 Starburst. LOL

So I was sitting here on the laptop, thinking about eating a starburst. I looked up the number of calories in 1 peice - 20 cals. Not to bad considering I was 200 cals under my limit today. I have a 240 cal galaxy chocolate bar hiding in my school bag, I'm not sure whether I should have 2 blocks tonight and 3 tomorrow, or just scoff it all tomorrow. I suppose if I eat it at break I could probably give at least 2/3 blocks to my friends, that would bring it down to 160/120 cals. I think thats what I'll do seen as it is my 1200 cal day tomorrow.

It's been said that it might snow tonight which would be AWESOME! especially if it snowed heavy enough for school to close! But that has only happened once, but it was last year so if we're lucky... The only thing is if we have the day off school on wednesday that will make it almost impossible to do an 800 cal day.

My Plans for Tomorrow & Wednesday:

Tomorrow: 1200 cal/Semi-Binge Day

2 weetabix w/ skimmed milk - 180
1/2 galaxy bar - 120
1/2 roll/sandwich - 200 (probably less, but just to be safe)
Dinner - 600 cal
Snack - 50 cal

Planned Total - 1150

Wednesday - 800 cal.

1 weetabix w/ skimmed milk - 120
Special K - 90
Tea - Maximum 550 cal.

Planned total - 760 cal.

I will be under 113lbs tomorrow. I will be under 113lbs tomorrow. I will be under 113lbs tomorrow. I will be under 113lbs tomorrow. I will be under 113lbs tomorrow. I will be under 113 lbs tomorrow. I will. Good Night (or morning/afternoon, Lol)

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3 Response to "I <3 Starburst. LOL"

  1. BuddhaGirl says:
    4 January 2010 at 13:33

    god ure good- if i had a galaxy in my room right now I think I mite just eat it lol! xxx

  2. Miss Misery says:
    5 January 2010 at 04:53

    Did you get snow? x

  3. punkyfyed says:
    5 January 2010 at 08:49

    nope,no snow just rain :( I think it's meant to snow tonight though!

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