Day #4

Day 4 is almost over!!

I was still 113, but only just, Hopefully I'll be about 112.8 tomorrow. So let's see if I finished today with an acceptable amount of calories -

Weetabix - 200 cals .
Special K bar - 90 cals.
Chicken/Pasta salad - 550 cals (at most)

Total - 840 cals =D

Managed to avoid dinner so that brings my total to 840 cals out of my 1100 cal limit, so today was successful! Tomorrow is a 1200 cal day so that will be easy, then wednesday is an 800 cal day, which shouldn't be too bad. I know I eat like twice as much as most of you, but it's about what I can do without people noticing, which would be awful.

Just going to catch up on everyones blogs, we can do this!

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