--- Day #7 ---

Back down to 7st 13lb (111lb). Hopefully I wont go back up to 8st tomorrow =D

Food: (900 cal limit)
2 weetabix w/ skimmed milk - 200
special k - 90
cabbage - 30
carrots - 30
chicken - 200
roast potatoes - 350

Total - 900 cal. (phew.. only just :D )

My goal for the end of january is 108lbs, that means (assuming I'm 111lb tomorrow morning) I have to lose 3lbs in 3 weeks, which I know I can do! I really need to start running again, the weathers just been so bad I haven't been able to go. I've been doing sit ups, but apart from that and walking to/around school I'm not exercising at all. I'll start running as soon as the ice clears =D Until then, well as long as I'm losing weight not gaining it will be OK =D

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2 Response to "--- Day #7 ---"

  1. Miss Misery says:
    7 January 2010 at 13:16

    The Snow/Ice is starting to piss me off now, as I cant go running either :( Apparently the bad weather is going to last for another 6 weeks! z

  2. BuddhaGirl says:
    7 January 2010 at 13:53

    I LOVE UR BLOG go uuu xxx

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