I'm back... Again.

I am back after my 3 weeks of epic fail. Before I had my 2-day-binge-turned-into-3-weeks I was 7st 13, now I am 8st 3. Gained 4lbs. It's weird though, my hip bones stick out way more than they used to, but I am 4lbs heavier? It can't be muscle because I have done next to no exercise.

I find that I can diet successfully for about 2 weeks, and then I binge for weeks. I'm going to try maybe eating a little more, but exercising more too. Here's my plan:

28 days (I heard thats how long it takes to form a habit?)

Week 1 - 1400 calories (per day, god I'm a pig.)
Week 2 - 1300 calories
Week 3 - 1200 calories
Week 4 - 1100 calories

This won't get me down to my goal (unless there's some miracle), but hopefully It will get me back under 8st (maybe 7st 12?). I'm going to aim to be 105lbs by the beginning of april, I'll post a more detailed thing soon, just going to catch up on peoples blogs =D

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