...Day #6...

Day #6 is over! I went back up to 112 (8stone) this morning, which I thought would happen but I was still disappointed. I'm hoping to be back at 7st 13lb (111lb) tomorrow morning.

I think I went a little over 800 today because of the snow we got sent home so I couldn't skip lunch, but only by around 60 cals, I've eaten less than my limit enough so far to make up for it.

Food: (800 cal limit)

1 Weetabix w/ skimmed milk- 100 cal
1 brown roll - 170 cal
soup - 110 cal
Beans on toast - 370 cal

Total - 750 cals

Wow, I thought I'd had like 900, I can't remember what I must have added up wrong to get that? Lol.

I really CBA to go to school tomorrow so I'm wishing for snow/ice overnight to make school close =D I don't think I'd be lucky enough for that to happen todays in a row, but I can dream right?

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