Day #5 ~

Stepped on the scale this morning to find..... 7 stone 13 pounds! (Thats 111lbs). Finally! I am actually below 8 stone. I checked it twice (xmas flashback. lol) and it wasn't a fluke! I actually am 111lbs!! So todays food intake:

Goal intake/limit - 1200
Weetabix - 200 cal
Galaxy - 40 cal
1/2 chicken roll - 200 cal (at most, probably more like 150)
Spaghetti Bolegnese - 550?
Lollipop - 60
Total intake - 1050

I managed to give away most of my galaxy! I'm pleased with myself because that's like my favourite. I had one square and gave the other 5 to my friends. They of course, scoffed it down. I will probably have 2 starbursts, so that will bring my intake up to 1090, which is still below my limit. Seen as this was my High-cal day I will probably go up to 112lbs in the morning (hopefully not, but I'm preparing myself.. lol), but tomorrow is my low cal day so hopefully I'll get to 111.25lb on thursday or something like that :) Good luck everyone, 2010 rocks so far.

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3 Response to "Day #5 ~"

  1. Dreams.and.Bones. says:
    5 January 2010 at 14:33

    Aww congrats on your hard work! glad it paid off today :)

  2. embre says:
    5 January 2010 at 19:47

    ohh im soo freaking jealous of your weight right now lol. congrats on the awesome weight loss, and on the lower cal intake. im glad your doing well.
    stay strong


  3. punkyfyed says:
    6 January 2010 at 07:37

    Thanks guys =D I'm back up to 112 today, but probably because it was my high-cal day

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